Friday, September 22, 2017

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

Dear friends

I am sharing an extreme recycled project today made for PaperArtsy  2017 Topic 13: Metallics and  A Vintage Journey-altered-art.

I was inspired by the mason jars shared on the main challenge post on PaperArtsy  and other upcycled bottle projects on the vintage Journey blog this month. I started with an empty liquor glass bottle and broken toughened glass from ....well...a broken windshield ( ahem* collected from a car repair services shop ) . I was looking for colored glass pieces from quite some time as I wanted to work Glass on glass but was not able to source it I improvised and made my own colored glass using the Alcohol Splash colors from Itsy Bitsy . The benefit of working with  toughened glass is that it is safe to handle as there are no sharp edges. Also I had the amazing Silicon Glue to stick the glass pieces securely to the bottle. This is by far my most favorite glue as it dries clear, is fast, the bond is strong and is safe unlike some super glues. 

 My initial idea was to create colored glass mosaic pieces and for that I sprayed the glass with Alcohol Splash colors and mixed colors with a popsicle stick. it did not take much time as the alcohol colors dry real can see the colored glass pieces in the pics below.........

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

But then I decided to add colorless glass pieces on the bottle with silicon glue in a composition where I roughly created flower and leaf shapes with glass pieces, see the back side of the bottle below........          

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

After that I added Alcohol splash colors ,sprayed,misted with Alcohol Solution,then adding some with a brush, some drips....adding and subtracting colors till I was happy with the result......

The pic below shows the 'Flowers' , I added a second layer of glass pieces to create some dimension too :) ......
Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

the 'flowers at the back'........
Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

I highlighted all the edges of glass with Metallic Lustre in Rose Gold and Gold Rush from DecoArt 

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

I created a dangler with some leaf charms,glass beads and feathers, I just love the contrast and movement of delicate soft feathers with cool glass........I added some micro beads and sequins too to add to the texture ...

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

Extreme Upcycled glass-on-glass bottle

I am quite happy with this crazy extreme upcycled project with all the metallics adding an oomph factor , do hope you all will like it .......and did I mention that the Alcohol Splash colors also have added Mica in them so the colors are rich and vibrant. 
I now also have multicolored Glass mosaic ready for other projects neatly sorted in an ex-sprout maker container with cardboard partitions :) , care to see :) 

My blogger friends know I love to alter bottles, In fact my crafting journey began with painting on bottles with glass paints. You can see some of my earlier posts where I have shared my altered bottles with my blogger friends  herehereherehere,hereherehere , here and here

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Pure Metal Mica Magic with ColourArte

Hi Friends

I had a post on the ColourArte Blog using Vivid Ultra Metallics and Bronze Medallion Primary Elements Art Pigments ........

I started with creating texture on the canvas panel using some chipboard and stencils and modeling paste,  then added a piece of plastic mesh and some beads in different shapes and covered all with white gesso

the first layer is Vivid Ultra metallics in African Jade

then Teal Zircon…..

added Cherry Sorbet Primary elements ……..

allow to dry between layers of colors….. I added Blue bayou and Black china and misted.

For the focal point I created a heart shape out of air dry clay and stamped with a text stamp…

I covered the heart and the sentiment with Wine & Roses, Silks Acrylic Glaze which is a beautiful deep red-lilac wine in a violet-red pearl. dry brushed with Bronze Medallion, Metallic Pure Mica Minerals (PM-013) to highlight the texture and create  the melt metal effect on canvas.

Please visit the ColourArte blog for more pictures and tutorial.

linking to Paperartsy-topic-13-metallics
simonsaysstamp/mondaychallenge/Shimmer and Shine

thank you so much for your visit today :)

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